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High Density Input/Output (HDIO)

HDIO Family

GET Engineering has developed a modular approach to the Input/Output problem. This modular approach allows for mix and match I/O for maximum flexibility and capability.  Thus enabling a faster development time without adding additional boards.  The HDIO System is designed for military and or industrial grade.  

  • Rugged and Reliable

  • High Density

  • Mix and Match

  • Fast Time to Market

  • Easy Hardware and Software Development

  • Maximum Flexibility and Capability

Some of the available HDIO module functions offered are:

HDIO Assembly2.png

HDIO Modules

Analog Input/Output

Analog to Digital Converter

Digital to Analog Converter

Field Programmable Analog Array (FPAA)

Digital Input/Output

Digital Input

Digital Output

Field Programmable Analog Array (FPAA)

Serial Communications






  • Small Form Factor

  • ATR

  • Rack


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