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Multi-Protocols Interface Systems

GET Engineering is the world expert in protocols conversions including:

  • NTDS

  • ATDS

  • Serial Communications


  • MIL STD 1553


  • OD-19

  • Ethernet

GET Engineering systems have been qualified in many different physical form factors such as 19” Rack, ATR, SFF, etc.


Multi-I/O System

GET Engineering has developed a mix and match Multi-I/O system enabling a Fast Time to Market. The High Density I/O has been developed with Easy Hardware and Software Development in mind. Some of the I/O are:

  • A/D & D/A

  • Serial Communication

  • High Voltage or High Current

  • Digital I/O

  • Field Programmable Analog Array

  • RTD/Thermistor/Thermocouple

  • Video

GET Engineering systems have been qualified in many different physical form factors such as 19” Rack, ATR, SFF, etc


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Ruggedized Fiber Optical Node

Wavelength Division Multiplexing (WDM) allows for combination of multiple optical signals onto a single optical fiber.  Ethernet and video as well as Legacy protocols signals can be aggregated over the many optical channels on a single fiber. 

  • CWDM or DWDM

  • Combine Protocol, Ethernet and Video over a single optical fiber

  • Protocols

    • NTDS

    • ATDS

    • MIL STD 1553

    • Video

    • Serial Communication

    • Ethernet

  • > 100 Gbps Data Rate

  • Self Healing 1+1, 1:1 or 1+1+R protection

  • Self Discovery

  • Single Mode Single Optical Fiber

  • Bidirectional or Unidirectional

  • Wavelength Conversion


Protocol Analyzer/Debugger

GET Engineering portable analyzer is a complete analyzer/debugger system which can

  • monitor up to eight different legacy channels

  • set multiple triggers

  • record and save data

  • 100 ns time-stamp resolution

  • record and time stamp control lines

The portable analyzer comes in rugged carrying case with a Intel processor, Microsoft Windows operating system, and hard drive.


Ethernet over Cables

Upgrading ship board platforms often requires higher data rates from one system to another. Unfortunately, the legacy infrastructure cannot support the higher data rates.  Pulling new cables on ships is time consuming and costly.  The GET Engineering solution is to leverage current cables by sending 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet or 10 G Ethernet signals over existing Legacy cables.


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