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Product 10201001


Analog to Digital Converter Module

16 Channel, 18 Bit


Product Overview

GET Engineering  HDIO Analog to Digital Converter (ADC) 2010 Module has a 16  channel multiplexed successive approximation registers (SAR) 18 bit ADC.  This module features two Linear Technology LTC 2333-18 low noise ADC chips capable of a maximum sample rate of 1 Msps each. The ADC input range can be software configured for a wide range of voltages. A Xilinx® Artix FPGA controls both ADCs with integrated buffered, wide input common mode range, 128dB CMRR and low pass filter. The ADC can directly digitize a variety of signals.

Designed for reliability in a rugged and harsh environments, the HDIO System uses screws to firmly attach the module to the conduction cooled HDIO carrier card and thermal bars to conduct heat from the HDIO modules to the HDIO carrier card.   The HDIO module can be conformally coated for increased reliability against humidity.

GET Engineering  provides the user with the HDIO ADC 2010 Module Application Interface (API), drivers and GET console.  The GET console is a program that provides the user with a Graphic User Interface (GUI) that discoveries the module, sets the input range, reads single or continuous ADC values to any of the channels or creates a real time plot of the  voltages on any of the channels, allowing the engineer to quickly start using the HDIO Family of products.


Key Hardware Features

  • Industrial and Military Grade

  • Size ~21 x 64 mm

  • 16 ADC Channels

  • 18 Bit SAR ADC

  • 1 Msps througput max

  • 2 ppm/C max voltage accuracy

  • Single Ended

  • Built-In-Test

  • PCI Express version 2.1 compliant

Key Software Features

  • Independently Programmable Input Range

  • Support Windows or Linux OS

  • API

  • GET Console


Product Specifications

Form Factor/Physical
Size: ~ 21 x 64 mm
Weight: 0.014 lbs

Configuration: 16 Channels, Single Ended
Resolution: 18 Bits
Input Range:
0 V to +5.12 V
0 V to +6.25 V
0 V to +10.24 V
0 V to +12.5 V
+/- 5.12 V
+/- 6.25 V
+/- 10.24 V
+/- 12.5 V
Throughput Rate: 4 usec / 16 channels

PCI Express Version 2.1

Operating Temperature   -40° to 85° C         
Storage Temperature       -55° to 125° C
Humidity        Design to Meet MIL STD 810G
Shock     Design to Meet MIL STD 810G
Vibration       Design to Meet MIL STD 810G


Information on this data sheet is subject to change without notice. 

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