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Product 10200201


VME Carrier Card


Product Overview

For more than three decades GET Engineering  has provided ruggedized products and solutions to the DoD and their prime contractors. Our continued commitment to providing our customers with Lifetime Software and Hardware Support, Custom Solutions that are reliable and cost-effective has made us the leader in our industry. To facilitate this, GET Engineering  provides a complete in-house engineering and manufacturing team enabling custom rapid solutions.

Continuing in this tradition, GET Engineering is please to introduce a High Density Input Output (HDIO) System.  A 6U VME Carrier Card capable of interfacing 12 different HDIO Modules.  With the various  HDIO Modules available, the 6U VME Carrier Card is capable of up to 192 Digital Input/ Output bits,  192 ADC/DAC channels, 240 temperature channels, or 48 Serial channels.

Designed for reliability in a rugged and harsh environments, the HDIO System uses screws to reliably connect the HDIO module to the conduction cooled HDIO carrier card and thermal bars to conduct heat from the HDIO modules to the HDIO carrier card.   The HDIO  XMC Carrier Card can be conformally coated with Acrylic, Polyurethane or Parylene for increased reliability against environment.

HDIO 6U VME Carrier Card Block Diagram

HDIO 6U VME Carrier Card Block Diagram


Key Hardware Features

  • Military and  Industrial Grade

  • 6U VME Carrier Card

  • 12 RIO Module Slots

  • Mix and Match Up To

    • 192 DI or DO Bits,

    • 192 AD or DA Channels

    • 240 Temperature Channels, or

    • 48 Serial Channels

  • PCI Express version 2.1 compliant

Key Software Features

  • Support Windows, Linux OS or VxWorks


Product Specifications

Form Factor/Physical
Weight: TBD            
Size: 6U  160 x 233 mm
12 RIO modules slots

Voltage:   TBD
Ethernet 10/100/1000 Port

VME 8-, 16– or 32-bit VME data transfer Slave only

Operating Temperature   -40° to 85° C         
Storage Temperature       -55° to 125° C
Humidity        Design to Meet MIL STD 810G
Shock     Design to Meet MIL STD 810G
Vibration       Design to Meet MIL STD 810G


Information on this data sheet is subject to change without notice.

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