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Compact Embedded Systems (CES)

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Product Overview

GET Engineering’s Compact Embedded Systems (CES) Small Form Factor (SFF) is a rugged fanless family of products used in military and industrial platforms. With an aluminum chassis rings and MIL 38999 connectors, the CES can be expanded. 

CES flexibility allows for multiple rings enabling extreme flexibility and fast time to market and many options. An Intel®   Atom, i-3, i-5 or i7 processor with multiple cores can be integrated with mix and match I/O, protocol or memory boards in the CES enabling hundreds of I/O or channels in a SFF. To further increase flexibility, an AC or DC power supply is offered.


High Density I/O CES

  • 60 I/O per board

  • Mix and Match

    • A/D, D/A , DI, DO

    • Serial Communication

    • Temperature

    • FPGA


Multi-Protocol CES

  • Mix and Match

    • NTDS

    • ATDS

    • MIL STD 1553

    • ARINC  429/575

    • ARINC  717/573

    • Serial Communication

    • OD-19

    • Ethernet


Mission Computer CES

  • Intel®  processor

    • Atom, i-3, i5, or i-7

    • Single, dual or quad core

  • Mix and Match I/O

    • A/D, D/A, Di, DO, etc.

  • Mix and Match Protocols

    • NTDS, ATDS, Mil Std 1553 etc


1 & 10 G Ethernet over Legacy Cable CES

  • 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet over coax Cables over 1000 ft

  • 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet over NTDS Serial Cables over 1000 ft

  • Up to 10 Gbps Ethernet Over NTDS Parallel Cables 


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