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Module and Carrier Card

Custom HDIO Module

Custom HDIO Module

Product Overview

Custom Modules

The HDIO module has a large I/O chip area for easy design of new I/O chips. A powerful Xilinx Artix 7 FPGA communicates with the I/O chips and the bus via PCIe gen2. To further make the design process easier, the HDIO module has two connectors which separates the analog and digital domains. Thermal bars and pads on the I/O chip create two different thermal paths to drive heat away from the I/O chips. This enables the I/O chips to operate at higher voltages, powers or currents without overheating. If you are interested in having GET Engineer design for you a HDIO module, please contact us.

Custom HDIO Carrier Card

Custom HDIO Carrier Card

Custom Carrier Cards

Custom carrier cards can be easily designed to include HDIO or mini PCIe, modules in different buses or form factors.