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Product 10207001



Product Overview

GET Engineering  HDIO FPGA 2070 Module has a Xilinx® Artix-7 FPGA. The FPGA has 52,160 Logic Cells, 160 DSP Slices and 2,700 kB RAM Memory and uses a PCI Express Version 2.1 Interface. The module has a Flash Memory: 128 Mb.

Designed for reliability in a rugged and harsh environments, the HDIO System uses screws to firmly attach the module to the conduction cooled HDIO carrier card and thermal bars to conduct heat from the HDIO modules to the HDIO carrier card.   The HDIO module can be conformally coated for increased reliability against humidity.

Key Hardware Features

  • Industrial and Military Grade

  • Size ~21 mm  x 64 mm

  • PCI Express version 2.1 compliant

Key Software Features

  • Support Windows or Linux OS

  • API

  • GET Console

Product Specifications

Form Factor/Physical
Size ~21 x 64 mm
Weight: 0.15 lbs

Xilinx® Artix-7 FPGA
Logic Cells: 52,160
DSP Slices: 160
RAM Memory: 2,700 kB
Flash Memory: 128 Mb

PCI Express Version 2.1

Operating Temperature:   -40° to 85° C         
Storage Temperature:       -55° to 125° C
Humidity:        Design to Meet MIL STD 810G
Shock:     Design to Meet MIL STD 810G
Vibration:       Design to Meet MIL STD 810G

MTBF:     Available upon request.

Information on this data sheet is subject to change without notice.

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