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Product 10205001


High Voltage Digital Input


Product Overview

GET Engineering’s HDIO 2050 module has a 16 Bit Isolated High Voltage Digital Input (DI).  This module features two 8 bit MAX22192 ICs with the field side voltages ranging from 7 to 65 V and is configurable IEC 61131-2 Type 1, 2, 3 Inputs.  The IC has an integrated field and logic sides isolation and a configurable input current-limiting from 0.5mA to 3.4mA with a selectable input glitch filter.

The DI 2050 have many Built-In Test including a field supply voltage, thermal  monitors and wire break detection. The MAX22192 ICs communicates to a Xilinx® Artix FPGA.

Designed for reliability in a rugged and harsh environments, the HDIO System uses screws to firmly attach the module to the conduction cooled HDIO carrier card and thermal bars to conduct heat from the HDIO modules to the HDIO carrier card.   The RIO module can be conformally coated for increased reliability against humidity.

GET Engineering  provides the user with the HDIO DI 2050 Module Application Interface (API), drivers and GET console.  The GET console is a program that provides the user with a Graphic User Interface (GUI) that discoveries the module, sets the input voltage range, writes single or continuous input values to any of the bits or creates a real time plot of the voltages on any of the bits, allowing the engineer to quickly start using the HDIO family of products.


Key Hardware Features

  • Industrial and Military Grade

  • Size ~21 mm  x 64 mm

  • 16 Bit High Voltage Digital Input

  • Voltage Range from +7 V to +65 V

  • Input Current-Limiting from 0.5mA to 3.4mA

  • Isolated Field and Logic Sides

  • IEC 61131-2 Compliant

  • Built-In-Test

    Field-Supply Voltage

    Thermal Monitor

    Open Wire

  • Protection

    Input Voltage



Key Software Features

  • Programmble Input Current-Limiting

  • Programmable Selectable Input Filter

  • Support Windows or Linux OS

  • API

  • GET Console


Product Specifications

Form Factor/Physical
Size: ~ 21 x 64 mm
Weight: 0.014 lbs

Configuration:                 16 Bit
Voltage Range               +7 V to +65 V
Input Glitch Filter                                           Selectable
Isolation     600VRMS for 60s (Field and Logic side)
IEC 61131-2 Configurable Type 1, 2, 3 Inputs  

Voltages : TBD

Power: TBD

Built-In Test
Field Supply Voltage Monitor
Thermal  Monitor
Open Wire Detection

Current Limiting 0.5 to 3.4 mA
ESD ±8kV Contact and ±15kV Air-Gap
Surge ±1kV Tolerant

PCI Express Version 2.1

Operating Temperature:   -40° to 85° C         
Storage Temperature:       -55° to 125° C
Humidity:        Design to Meet MIL STD 810G
Shock:     Design to Meet MIL STD 810G
Vibration:       Design to Meet MIL STD 810G

MTBF:     Available upon request.

Information on this data sheet is subject to change without notice. 

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