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Portable Analyzer/Debugger

Portable NTDS & ATDS Protocol Analyzer & Debugger


“The GET Portable NTDS Analyzer quickly and efficiently led us to the solution of a perplexing electronic timing problem. We should have used it sooner!”


Key Features

  • Monitor up to eight NTDS channels

  • Monitor any combination of NTDS parallel or serial channels

  • Multiple trigger and record options

  • Data collection can be saved for future analysis or exported to common file formats

  • Data displayed in Hex, Octal, Binary, Decimal or ASCII formats

  • Data displayed in 32, 24, 16, or 8 bits

  • 100ns Time‑Stamp Resolution

  • Full search and extract features

  • Add bookmarks and comments to display and to output file

  • Records and Time‑stamps NTDS control lines

  • Instant statistics displayed; for example, transaction counts and time between selected transactions

Complete Analyzer / Debugger System Includes

  • Tap Analyzer Computer

  • Selection of up to 4 Full Duplex Serial or Parallel NTDS Channels for analysis

  • Rugged carrying case

  • Configurable Breakout Box with either Parallel or Serial NTDS Connections

  • Interconnect cables

  • Extra storage for cables and transition modules

System Specifications

  • Ultra‑rugged and portable unit

  • Intel Pentium CPU

  • Microsoft Windows Operating System

  • 512 MB RAM, Expandable to 2GB

  • 40GB Hard Drive with 80GB and removable hard drive options

  • Future Options to include Remote NTDS Channel Acquisition over Ethernet

Custom Configurations Available.

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