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Product 10078101

PCIe NTDS Serial Type D


Product Overview

GET Engineering, the Industry Leader in MIL‑STD‑1397C Products, introduces its NTDS PCIe Type D Interface Adapter. Innovative design and cutting edge Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) technology combine to deliver superior performance and exceptional reliability while providing fully compliant MIL‑STD‑1397C communications. FPGA controlled DMA channels for transmit and receive buffers reduce host CPU overhead. The low profile design gives the system builder the flexibility of installing the unit in a 2U rack mount or small form factor (SFF) desktop enclosure.

Software Driver Support includes a full reatured Common User Interface (CUI) driver. The CUI driver API calls are operation system independent and thereby provide an easy migration path when porting code between operating systems.

GET Engineering’s NTDS PCIe Type D Interface Adapter is extended temperature rated and is shipped with either a standard or low profile rear panel bracket.

Key Software Features

  • Common API across multiple operating systems

  • Extensive built‑in‑tests (BIT)

  • Platform and operating system independent

Key Hardware Features

  • NTDS Type D

  • User controlled activity LEDs

  • Full-duplex 16 or 32-bit transfers

  • PIO Single Word Transfers

  • Internal Loop-Back

  • On-board timers for Command, Inter‑word time‑outs


NTDS Serial Interface MILSTD‑1397C Type D
Bus Interface PCI Express X1 Gen 1
Form Factor Low Profile (167.65mm X 68.9mm)
Power Requirements +5 VDC @ 1.4 Amp(typ)
-12VDC @ .2Amp(typ)
MTBF > 200K Hours per MIL-HDBK-217
NTDS I/O Connectors BNC 75 Ohm Coax
Extended Temperature -40°C to 85°C

Connection Options

  • Other option available

Connection Options  * Other options available