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Product 10075501

Conduction Cooled PMC NTDS Parallel

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Product Overview

GET Engineering is proud to present its MIL‑STD‑1397 Parallel Interface Adapter fully compliant to the ANSI/VITA‑20‑2001 Conduction Cooled PMC Standard. This adapter provides an ultra‑reliable MIL‑STD‑1397 Revision C Interface with the option of full Dual‑TAP capability in a single card! All configuration parameters are accessible through a simple software user interface with FPGA‑controlled DMA channels for transmit and receive buffers to reduce host CPU overhead.

GET Engineering’s NTDS Parallel card is available in either commercial or extended temperature ranges with an option for either Commercial Front Panel (120 pin Molex), Military Front Panel (MIL‑DTL‑32139) or Rear (P4) I/O (16‑bit only). The software included with this adapter card provides the user with an operating system independent API enabling easy migration from one operating system to another; for example, from Windows to Linux.


Key Features

  • Common API across multiple operating systems

  • Memory Mapped Address Space

  • Independent FPGA‑controlled DMA Channels

  • Extensive Built‑in‑Test capabilities enable rapid troubleshooting of interface

  • Sample code provided for rapid Application Code Development

  • Time Stamping on data transactions

Transmit Features

  • Output tristate capability

  • Short Circuit Protection on all Outputs

  • Asynchronous commands do not disrupt data buffers

  • Command/Data Insert

Key Hardware Features

  • ANSI/VITA 20‑2001 compliant PMC Module

  • Full‑Duplex 16 or 32‑bit transfers

  • Full passive Dual‑TAP Mode

  • User controlled Front Panel LED for Adapter Status

  • Command and Inter‑word time‑outs

  • Front or Rear Panel (P4) I/O configurations available

Receive Features

  • Fail safe input operation

  • Receive multiple forced external functions without loss

  • Asynchronous commands do not disrupt data buffers

  • Command/Data Extract

Advantages of a dual tap

  • Save Slot Space: Ability to tap a full NTDS channel ( Input and Output Port ) using only one slot

  • Software Enables:

    • Ability to save and restore multiple system trigger and capture configurations

    • Time‑Stamps at 100ns Resolution

    • Data View is available to view in Hex, Octal, Binary or Decimal

    • Printing and Data export capabilities

    • Normal (Buffer) or Event (Real Time) Modes, Events Modes can be set to a one‑shot mode,
        continuous mode, or a re‑trigger mode

    • Data, Function, Force or Any trigger types

    • Pattern/Mask match for Trigger, Record, and Check

    • Multiple Time‑stamp views: Real Time, Trigger Offset, and Delta Time Between Words

    • Ability to search with filtering of Recorded Data


NTDS Parallel Interface MILSTD‑1397C Type A/B/C/H
Bus Interface IEEE 1386.1‑2002 Standard for common mezzanine card family
Form Factor ANSI/Vita 20‑2001 Standard Single CCPMC Card Module (74 mm x 143.77 mm)
Power Requirements +5VDC @ 480mA
MTBF Greater than 200K hours MTBF per MIL‑HDBK‑217, Revision E, 25°C Ground Benign Environment
NTDS I/O Connectors 120 pin Molex (Commercial)
External Dual 80 Pin IDC
Internal Dual 80 Pin IDC
Extended Temperature -40°C to 85°C

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Ordering Information

Ordering Information