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Product 10071301

PC/104+ ATDS


Product Overview

GET Engineering’s ATDS adapter is available in either commercial or extended temperature ranges. The software included provides the user with an operating system independent API enabling easy migration from one operating system to another.

Key Features

  • MIL‑STD‑188‑203‑1A (TIDAL-A) Compliant

  • TDS or DTS operation

  • Frame Rates of 13.33 or 22 milliseconds

  • Internal loop‑back capability

  • Built‑in‑Test () capability

  • Picket Addressing and Sidetone support

  • PC/104-Plus 2.0 Compliant

  • 3.3v or 5v I/O signaling environment

  • Plug & Play

  • User controlled receive, transmit, and status LEDs

  • Field Upgradeable Firmware and Software Drivers

  • Platform & operating system independent software

ATDS Interface MIL‑STD‑188‑203‑1A (TIDAL-A) Compliant
Form Factor Standard PC/104+ card size (3.575″ x 3.775″)
PCI Signal Compatibility 3.3v or 5v Signaling
Power Requirements +5 VDC @ 1.4 Amp (typ)
+12 VDC @ .2Amp (typ)
Operating Temp 0°C to 55°C
I/O Connector DB25-S
Operating Humidity 0% to 90% (non‑condensing)