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Product 10044601


Product Overview


Key Features

  • 100% MIL‑STD‑188‑203‑1A (Appendix D2, Serial) Compliant

  • Transceiver Short Circuit and Transient Protection − Fail Safe I/O

  • TADIL‑A Serial Interface with DTS or TDS Operation

  • Full Picket Addressing and Sidetone Support

  • Data Recirculation ( Fault ) Testing

  • Conforms to VME C.1

  • Single circuit card for use in a 6U/4HP VME slot (233.35 X 160 mm X 20 mm)

  • Low power requirements

  • Connector signals automatically reconfigure for DTS or TDS mode (no jumpers)

  • ATDS I/O provided through front panel mounted connector

  • TADIL‑A Serial Interface with DTS or TDS Operation

  • Onboard MC 68340 32 bit CPU, local 256KB SRAM, 256KB EEPROM, 2 channel DMA, 3 timers, and 2 diagnostic serial ports

  • 4 Mb DPRAM, D16/D32:A24/A32:ADO:UAT:BLT:RMW compatible

  • ATDS Data Buffers may reside in DPRAM or VME system memory

  • Status indicator and base address selection rotary switches are front panel accessible

  • Completely Software Configurable − NO Programming Switches or Jumpers

  • Built‑in Diagnostic ( BIST ) for DPRAM, SRAM, and EEPROM

  • Front panel DB25‑S connector

  • On Board Code Development Kit − Allows the user to write and application programs in C or 68K assembly for real‑time execution by the VME‑II/ATDS onboard CPU 32 processor

ATDS Interface MIL‑STD‑188‑203‑1A Compliant
Physical Single 6U 4HP VME slot ( 233.35 X 160 mm X 20 mm )
Power Requirements + 5 VDC @ 2.5 Amp. (typ)
Operating Temp 0°C to 55°C
Operating Humidity 0% to 90% (non‑condensing)
Software Selectable Features
ATDS Interface Enabled ( ACTIVE )
Tristate ( Off Line )
ATDS Modes TDS − Tactical Data System ( Computer )
DTS − Data Terminal Set ( Terminal )
ATDS Formats 24 bit Data with Byte Ordering ( ENDIAN)
Programmable Frame Transaction Delays
Separate selections for Input, Output, and address ports
Frame Timing − 13.33 or 22.00 Milliseconds
Independent Sidetone Enables
VME Interrupts I ( 8 ) 0:7
Separate Level and Vector for all commands
VME BUS Master BR0:3, D16/D32:A24/A32
Separate access mode for all commands
NTDS Adapter Ordering Information
Name Part Number
VME, ATDS, MIL‑STD‑188‑203‑1A 10044601