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Product 10075001

PCIe NTDS Parallel


Product Overview

GET Engineering is proud to announce its MIL‑STD‑1397 NTDS Parallel PCI Express® (PCIe) Interface Adapter. This adapter provides an ultra‑reliable MIL‑STD‑1397 Revision C Interface with the option of full Dual‑Tap capability in a single card. All configuration parameters are accessible through a simple software user interface with FPGA controlled DMA channels for transmit and receive buffers to reduce host CPU overhead.

GET Engineering’s PCIe NTDS Parallel adapter is available in either commercial or extended temperature ranges with options for either Commercial Front Panel (160 pin SEARAY™), Military Front Panel (MIL‑DTL‑32139), and External or Internal Dual 80 pin IDC connectors. The software included with this adapter provides the user with an operating system independent API enabling easy migration from one operating system to another; for example, from Windows to Linux.


Key Hardware Features

  • User controlled activity LEDs

  • GET NTDS ASICs to ensure strict MIL‑STD‑1397 timing

  • Onboard timers for Command, Inter‑word time‑outs

  • Independent FPGA controlled DMA channels

Key Software Features

  • Common API across multiple operating systems

  • Extensive built‑in‑tests (BIT)

  • Dual Tap Option

    • Multiple system triggers

    • Normal (Buffer) or

    • Event (Real Time) Modes

    • Pattern/Mask match for Trigger, Record and/or Check


NTDS Parallel Interface MILSTD‑1397C Type A/B/C/H
Bus Interface PCI Express X1 Gen 1
Form Factor Short Format (169.6mm X 111.2 mm)
Power Requirements TBD
NTDS I/O Connectors 160 Pin SEARAY
External Dual 80 Pin IDC
Internal Dual 80 Pin IDC
Extended Temperature -40°C to 85°C